The following are frequently asked questions regarding tests, test results and the laboratory itself. Please feel free to contact us should you not find what you are looking for in this section.

Will the water damage my plants?

The laboratory only performs analyses as requested by the client as we do not have control over the sampling protocol followed. Although certain general deductions may be drawn from the results, it is better to contact an agricultural / irrigation specialist that have insight into practices on the site. These consultants will take several factors into account for recommendations on water and soil quality, plant crops etc. 

It is better to contact an agricultural / irrigation specialist and consult for recommendations on water quality, soil quality, plant crops etc.

Can the laboratory tell me if my water is safe for animals/humans to drink?

The laboratory completes tests as per client requests, with results being evaluated according to elements of SANS 241: 2015 guidelines. A statement is issued to indicate whether certain analytes are present and exceed the limits or not in the specific sample that has been submitted. Suitability depends on the volume of water that a person is exposed to from the source over a specific time-period. Water quality may change in a short period of time and the sample integrity is not under control of the laboratories. 

The laboratory may notify the client that the water does not pass the test, but if the laboratory declares that the water is suitable for human use, there is a risk attached that can lead to loss / damage to the client. In the case of animal use, it would be the safer option to consult a veterinarian.