Sample Administration

Effective administrative processes are dependent on the completeness of the information received. NviroTek strives for quick service but can only send results if the paperwork is in order.

The basic process is as follows:


  • The client sends samples accompanied by an Intake document. Specific forms per discipline are also available and can be customized for your purposes.
  • The Client’s information is loaded on the financial system and a unique debtor’s number is generated. This process requires basic FICA information for a valid tax invoice to be generated.
  • FICA information required:
    • Company / CC / Trust / Individual name to be billed,
    • Address,
    • The ID number of the individual or company registration number/trust number / CC-registration number,
    • VAT number if available
  • At the reception, samples are taken in and a quotation will be prepared
  • The quotation is sent to the customer via e-mail if requested and unless an order number has not been supplied
  • New customers are required to pay upfront for the first lot of samples submitted.
  • Regular customers who are registered on our system will receive invoices and statements and are requested to pay within 30 days of the statement. Interest is charged on overdue accounts.

Although the above procedure is based on “incidental” credit, NviroTek also offers facilities within the credit act and the forms can be supplied on request.

Results are available in electronic format and hard copy.

Price lists  and quotes are available on request via or and volume discounts can be negotiated.

Special standard packages with unique combinations of analyses can be structured for a client.

Please contact Dailena Pienaar ( or

Francois Reeders( for special quotations.