Kontak Besonderhede


Dailena Pienaar Managing Director   Francois Reeders Operational Manager
Soil, Fertilizers & Lime, Growth media
082 885 8699 082 889 0133
dp@nviroteklabs.co.za francois.reeders@nviroteklabs.co.za
 Georgie Johnson Section Manager   Lara Badenhorst Section Manager
 Leaves, Compost, Feeds, MRL – Residues and toxins
 082 889 0138 071 624 1593
georgene.johnson@nviroteklabs.co.za lara.badenhorst@nviroteklabs.co.za
 Leoni Erasmus Administrative Supervisor   Lihandus Erasmus Lab Analyst
Administrative management of data and results mainly Soils and Growth media. Customer Liaison Nematodes and water
082 889 0139 072 617 1210
leoni.erasmus@nviroteklabs.co.za lihandus.erasmus@nviroteklabs.co.za
Yvette van der Merwe Administrative Supervisor    Euan Kruger Intake Administrator
Quotes, Pricelists &     Soil, fertilizer, Lime and Water Sample Intake  
Administration of data mainly leaves and feeds. Customer liaison euan.kruger@nviroteklabs.co.za
072 617 1207
Leonie Stander Senior Accountant   Petro van Wyk Intake Administrator
 Finance Leaf, Feed and organic material Sample Intake
060 998 1528
leonie.stander@nviroteklabs.co.za petro.vwyk@nviroteklabs.co.za
Cherie Davidson Debtors Clerk   Minnie van Schalkwyk Creditors Clerk
Finance (Debtors ,Quotes & pricelists) Finance (Creditors)
cherie.davidson@nviroteklabs.co.za minnie.vschalkwyk@nviroteklabs.co.za
Magda Gerber Quality Manager   Willem Koekemoer                       Team Leader
magda.gerber@nviroteklabs.co.za willem.koekemoer@nviroteklabs.co.za
Courtney Johnson   Elfriede Keyser   
Water & Growth Medium Fertilizer & Lime
courtney.johnson@nviroteklabs.co.za elfriede.keyser@nviroteklabs.co.za